long island's most breathtaking view

Picture this: It's the end of a clear summer day on Long Island. All day long, the heat has been sweltering, but as the evening takes hold, its intensity has begun to fade. In its place is a soothing warmth that envelops you, the rich glow of the sun almost tangible as you watch it gradually slip below the horizon.

A breeze rolls in off the water, refreshing but not chilling, and you watch the last rays of sun illuminate the crests of the gentle waves a glittering gold. You take a small sip of your cocktail, resting back in your chair, and for the moment, the worries and stress of your everyday life melt away, leaving just you and the sunset.

At the Soundview Restaurant, this is a daily phenomenon. Both our deck and our fully glass-enclosed indoor dining space offer the same view of our very own stretch of untouched waterfront. Join us for fabulous food, exceptional service, and a view you'll never forget. Experience the beauty of Long Island's unspoiled North Fork for yourself.

If your eyes are blinded with your worries,
you cannot see the beauty of the sunset.
~Jiddu Krishnamurti